Lifetime of Delicious Meals

What most of my patients discover by the time they reach the Lifetime Maintenance phase of Atkins is how endlessly varied, rich and satisfying this way of eating is.

Donna Miller, who came to see me a couple of years ago drained of all energy, beset with allergies and 30 pounds overweight, had always been a bread, bagels and pizza freak. In four months, she went from being a size 12 (almost bursting at the seams, as she admitted) to being a size 8. In addition, her energy returned almost as soon as we took her off of wheat, sugar and milk. But what was she going to eat?

She was a resourceful woman, and I hope her eating plan sounds as attractive to you as it does to me. For breakfast now she often eats smoked salmon and a small salad or two scrambled eggs with tofu. For lunch, she'll stir-fry or steam vegetables the way the Japanese do, and with them she'll have corned beef or a lean hamburger patty or some fish. For dinner, along with chicken, rib steak or salmon, she likes zucchini, eggplant or asparagus. She also finds she can have lentils, split peas and kasha (buckwheat groats) without gaining weight. She often has the kasha with cinnamon and a few apple slices.

Donna has been expanding her variety of salads, trying greens such as arugula, watercress and endive, since she started doing Atkins. She told me recently that she particularly appreciates the range of possible food alternatives, compared to the rather repetitive high-starch menu she used to be on. What impresses me the most is that every item in her new eating plan is wholesome, fresh and healthy. Frankly, I defy anyone to propose a tastier and more flexible eating plan-on which you can remain trim and healthy for a lifetime-than the Atkins program.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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