Mussel Risotto

There were two starting points for this recipe: our "Basic Aphrodisiac Mussels" recipe and the basic risotto recipe of Jamie Oliver, published in his book "The Naked Chef'. Many of the vegetables used to prepare the risotto are the same as used for the "Basic Aphrodisiac Mussels", thus you might consider preparing the risotto at the same time as the basic mussel dish. Please note that the quantities indicated are enough for two servings of the dish as the only course at a meal.


100 - 200 g of

cooked and

deshelled mussels

(see the basic


250 ml of saffron-

spiced mussel

bouillon (see the

basic recipe)

1 shallot, finely

chopped (about 30


100 g celery, finely


1 garlic clove,

finely chopped

125 g risotto rice

1 tbsp extra virgin

olive oil

150 ml dry white


3 tbsp high-quality

cognac or similar


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