Raspberry mallow crispies

Simple and inexpensive to make, these sticky cereal squares are a children's party treat - so they are just the thing whether your young guests have allergies or not. The puffed rice gives them an attractive honeycombed appearance. The dairy-free version is very useful for larger events as you can serve them to anyone with any of the Big Four allergies.

@ ^ gluten, egg & nut free preparation time 10 minutes plus chilling time makes 24

a little nut-free vegetable oil for greasing 115g (4oz) marshmallows

(preferably pink and white) 55g (2oz) butter 4 tbsp raspberry jam 140g (5oz) puffed rice cereal

1 Grease an 18 x 28cm (7 x 11in) shallow baking tin.

2 Put the marshmallows in a large saucepan with the butter and the jam. Heat gently, stirring all the time, until everything has melted. Then boil for 1 minute, stirring throughout.

3 Stir in the cereal fairly rapidly until thoroughly coated in the sticky mixture.

4 Transfer the mixture to the prepared tin; spread it right to the corners; then press down firmly using a wet palette knife or the back of a spoon. Use a knife to mark it into 24 squares. Leave the mixture until cold then chill it overnight to firm.

5 Store in an airtight container.

WATCH OUT FOR marshmallows that have been sweetened with maltodextrin or other sugars derived from barley, if you can't eat gluten. Some brands of marshmallow may contain egg. Check the puffed rice cereal for ingredients containing dairy or gluten, if need be.

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