For dairy-avoiders, this is definitely a cuisine to investigate and celebrate. Sushi is an excellent option that works well for most other allergies, too. With a wide range of fillings - vegetable, fish, or seafood - it is surprisingly satisfying to make at home in temaki form (see California temaki sushi, p.74). Try clear soups, miso- or dashi-based with tofu, meat, or vegetables and mains such as teriyaki beef, yakitori chicken or donburi - bowls of rice topped with meat or vegetables.

Gluten-sensitives can also do well with sushi. Make dishes such as Miso marinated salmon (p.101) at home to ensure that soy sauce and miso are gluten-free. Cucumber & wakame salad (p.91) and many vegetable side dishes are safe as long as the soy sauce issue is resolved. When opting for noodle dishes, specify rice noodles or 100 per cent

▲ Middle Eastern tagines served with couscous or quinoa.

buckwheat ones. If you like to eat out at Japanese restaurants, why not ask if you can bring your own soy sauce to season otherwise gluten-free safe dishes?

Egg is not much used in Japanese cooking, so many of the above options are safe for egg-allergics. However, watch out for omelette-topped sushi, for oyako donburi (chicken and egg), and other egg-topped rice dishes. Make the most of udon and soba noodle dishes such as Noodles in hot ginger broth (p.142). For something sweet, opt for mochi, (sweet sticky rice cakes) or a summer favourite, kakigori, made of shaved ice with a variety of sweet syrup flavourings.

Nuts and peanuts are not common ingredients in Japanese food. Nut-free choices include tempura,, light-as-air batter-fried vegetables and seafood, and gyoza, a Japanese ravioli which are steamed or fried (sometimes called pot stickers). A popular choice to finish is Green tea ice cream (p.156).

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i south East Asian dishes are great choices for dairy-avoiders as they are often naturally dairy free.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

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