Four major food problems

Among the many allergies and food intolerances only a handful cause problems for considerable numbers of people. These are gluten/wheat, dairy, tree nuts and peanuts, and eggs and these are the focus of my recipe variations. Every recipe has a version for each of these four A-list allergens with some recipes naturally free of all of them.

My B list of allergies and sensitivities would include, soya, fish, and seafood, but these remain in some recipes, albeit with cautions, as many of these foods are staples for A-list sufferers. A balanced diet includes a wide variety of foods - carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. Anyone with serious or multiple food allergies or intolerances needs to be sure they are not missing out on essential nutrients.

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Allergic To Everything

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    What are the 4 main world food problems in the world?
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